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The Company is providing electronic payment services ( Electronic Wallet )

Complementary Services in Automated Teller Machines (Diebold-Nixdorf)

The Company provides a wide range of complementary services for Diebold-Nixdorf Automated Teller Machines represented in the support, maintenance, consultation, and training. The work will be carried out by Diebold-Nixdorf certified engineers. Istinara solutions is the only company in Sudan certified with the ability to maintain cash deposit machines.

Cash Registers

Istinara is partner of Casio company in Japan, providing the cash registers for all Casio Cash Registers models.

ATM Cameras

The Company provides ATMeye cameras system for ( Wincor – Diebold – NCR ) ATMs with complete installation including the server-side and providing the required parts for the ATM.

Maintenance of Automated Teller Machines

Whereas, the company established a department for Automated Teller Machines, and a complementary workshop and training of certified engineers from the manufacturing company.

Enrichment of Technological Awareness in Banking Systems

The Company contributes in enriching the technological awareness in the field of Banking Systems by provision of workshops and symposiums tackle the modern technologies and their impacts on the banking work.

Consultative services in the field of electronic payment and banking systems

The company provides consultative services in the field of the electronic payment services and in the banking system, which includes the renewal of the technical requirements, preparation, display and the assessment of the bids and projects implementation management.

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