• Introducing of Deposit technology in different banks in Sudan through the use of Wincor’s CCDM & CINEO Machines.
  • Developing and updating of the Sudanese currency file to insure rejection of Fake and Non-Fit currency notes.
  • Implementation of the Check deposit functionality using MICR readers.
  • Increasing uptime of our client’s ATM’s by 25% perfect preventive maintenance programs.
  • Establishing of standard maintenance workshop and Lab.
  • Train team of 6 certified maintenance technicians.
  • Establishing of local inventory spare parts which enough for more than one year of consumption.
  • Gain more than 3 customers.
  • Establishing Marketing and Business Development Department.
  • Establish quality control department.
The Company imported cash Deposit Machines and succeeded in lunching the service for the first time in Sudan 2012.
The Company contributed in the Electronic Passport Scheme through the management of domestication of vital data technologies, the intelligent slides and the machines for electronic signing for security of the proved document.
Management of the scheme of ATMs host Faisal Bank.
Managed the banking system integration in Albaraka Bank.
Management of implementation of the national switch for Bank of Sudan.
Windows 7 upgrade for Wincor NIXDORF ATMs.
ATM Camera ( ATM EYE ) more than 200 locations

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