Dear Bravo customer, If this is your first time , please click on the (new user) icon from the top of the page .

  • Type your full name
  • Type your phone number (10 digits)
  • Type a four-digit password
  • Confirm the password
  • Click on Register button


for sign in write your phone number and the password that you wrote in the previous step

Main Menu

Here the main screen of the application that contains all the services appears

  • You can add your bank cards by click the settings icon

To Add a Card

After clicking on the settings icon , a window will appear for you , choose my cards


here , Click on add card

Here, add the card information

  • Add card name
  • Add the card number (write carefully as it is on the card
  • Retype the card number
  • Write the expiration date (as it appears on the card)
  • Click  Save

Bravo Digital Wallet

Mobile Wallet Numbers

To Generate a IPIN

for generate IPIN , highlight the card, and then click on the generate IPIN

  • Type the name of the card
  • Type the phone number (the number registered in the bank with the card account)
  • Click  send

After submitting a request for a IPIN , you will receive a message on your phone Number containing a code

  • Type the received OTP
  • Type a new IPIN
  • Retype the new IPIN
  • Click send

Beneficiary settings

  • Zain TopUp
  • Zain Bill Pay
  • Zain Recharge Vouchers
  • Sudani TopUp
  • Sudani Bill Pay
  • Sudani Recharge Vouchers
  • MTN TopUp
  • MTN Bill Pay
  • MTN Recharge Vouchers

My Transactions

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