Bravo User Manual

  • Dear Bravo customer, If this is your first time , please click on the (new user) icon from the top of the page .
  • Type your full name
  • Type your phone number (10 digits)
  • Type a four-digit password
  • Confirm the password
  • Click on Register button

  • Login
  • For sign in write your phone number and the password that you wrote in the previous step

  • Main Menu
  • Here the main screen of the application that contains all the services appears
  • You can add your bank cards by click the settings icon

  • To Add a Card
  • After clicking on the settings icon , a window will appear for you , choose my cards

  • here , Click on add card

  • Here, add the card information
  • Add card name
  • Add the card number (write carefully as it is on the card
  • Retype the card number
  • Write the expiration date (as it appears on the card)
  • Click  Save

  • Bravo Digital Wallet

  • Mobile Wallet Numbers

  • To Generate a IPIN
  • For generate IPIN , highlight the card, and then click on the generate IPIN

  • Type the name of the card
  • Type the phone number (the number registered in the bank with the card account)
  • Click  send

  • After submitting a request for a IPIN , you will receive a message on your phone Number containing a code
  • Type the received OTP
  • Type a new IPIN
  • Retype the new IPIN
  • Click send

  • Beneficiary settings

  • Zain TopUp
  • Zain Bill Pay
  • Zain Recharge Vouchers

  • Sudani TopUp
  • Sudani Bill Pay
  • Sudani Recharge Vouchers

  • MTN TopUp
  • MTN Bill Pay
  • MTN Recharge Vouchers

  • Electricity

  •  My Transactions

  • Share App
  • Contact Us
  • User Guide

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